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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future -Austindo

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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future -Austindo

Post by Austindo on Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:20 pm

Does the last game in the older Professor Layton series live up to the hype?

Graphics: The graphics are, well, they are Professor Layton style. Which if you don't know, is 2-D animation. The cut-scene's are the smoothest they ever been. It's like watching an anime every time one pops up. I give graphics a 10/10. While they aren't Uncharted 2 graphics, they are great for the Professor Layton series.

Sound: The sound is extremely smooth compared to Curious Village and Diabolical Box. The famous Layton theme has been remastered and sounds simply amazing. The game is full of multiple tracks that fit the new game's steam punk style. I give sound a 10/10. Possibly the most hip and smoothest audio Ive ever heard for the DS.

Story: Level 5 makes yet again, another beautiful story for the Professor Layton series. This is definitely the most elaborate and confusing story yet, which makes for a good puzzle-adventure game like itself. Its based in a present day London and reveals alot about Layton's past. Be aware, there is a huge turn of events several times throughout the game, which keeps you thinking. I give the story a 10/10. It's Layton, what can i say?

Game Play: The game play is the same as diabolical box. You go around talking to people, solving puzzles, earning picarats, and following your objective. You can move about the town in the game which can be a hassle, but is supposed to be as realistic as possible (There is no teleporting to the location you want to go to, or flying on a bird. Although that flying Delorian is useful. JK). The puzzles are all solved using different methods, so i wont go into much detail on the game play of the puzzles them selves. I give game play an 8/10. Play it like your Layton.

Lasting Appeal: I am still playing the game with 14 hours of time played and counting. The game proves to be in great length for your average puzzle solver like myself. Some of the puzzles prove to be difficult and take quite some time to complete. There is no multiplayer (Of course), While there IS wifi connectivity. You can log onto Nintendo WFC and download your weekly puzzle. This does give the game a long lasting appeal, BUT, there is only one you can download each week. I give game play an 8/10. Layton definitely lasts a long time.

In total I give Professor Layton and the Unwound Future a 9/10. The game proves to stand up to the Layton standard.

If you are wandering what i meant by "Does the last game in the older Professor Layton series live up to the hype?" This is the last game in the trilogy which features an older Professor Layton. The next game (Mask Of Miracle) will feature a younger Professor Layton.

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