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Post by Blakemartn on Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:59 pm

Fat Princess is a medival game of Capture the flag featuring "The Princess of Pink" and "The Princess of Blue". One day These two princess' Went playing in the forest and found a magical cake that grew from the ground. They ate the cake and found it so good they never wanted to leave. The Cake made them fat and very hungry still,

The King took back his princess from the forest and beckoned his men to bring all the cake they can carry, The king then recived a message "Prince albert will be visiting to choose his princess!" He then thought to himself "We could capture the princess of blue! and then he would have to choose my princess!" The king sent his men in the dark night to take the princess of blue but not all was right. The next morning the princess of pink was missing leaving only little footprints and cake crumbs.

The game is fun, You can customise you're characters looks and the game features custom classes of archers, swordsmen, workers,medics and light/dark mages, but each class has their pros and cons, like heart points! all classes can be upgraded to another level considering you have the resources!

You take resources from the land such as trees and rocks for ore, but the most important to gathering resources is capturing outposts around the map to deposit them. These outposts can also be used to make you're way across the map faster and safer.

The graphics are cartoony but phenominal when you loose all you're heart points you are dismembered and splat out into a giant puddle of blood which is awsome to the graphical gamer. (Blood can be turned on and off i think)

Now the part of the game that is case and point. cake grows in many places and you must feed you're princess and it will make her fat. when she is fat she is harder to lift and to lug around. but if you got friends it becomes easier along the way. To win the game you must have you're princess in her throne and the other princess in you're dungeon. for about 60 seconds maybe 30.

there is a great variety in the game including traps shortcuts and magical potions. (*COUGH*CHICKENS*COUGH*)

Including in the variety is the amount of maps with goofy names, and each map has a different themed castle, and many traps in the wild.

The game is great and is good for random fun or to test you're capture the flag skills.

In my book a 4 out of 5 is a sure thing.

Notice: FAT PRINCESS is Rated "T" For Teen for animated blood crude humor and mild language.

Computer class starts at 9:55am I'm mostly available at that time.
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